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After receiving countless "Car Care Checklists"  from customer's who thought that the suggested repairs were out of line, we inspected those same cars to validate the legitimacy of the mechanic's findings.  What we found was shockingly inaccurate, and in many cases completely unnecessary.  Below are some actual "Checklists" that we reviewed.  Our findings were very different from the recommendations of others.  Upon closer discovery, we learned that many of these shops pay their mechanics by commission for the work that they do.  Judge for yourself, look closely at the work orders below and decide who you want to work on your vehicle.  The franchise mechanic paid on commission, or your locally owned and operated hometown mechanic who has to answer to you personally for every repair.  Below you will see some of the repair facilities that made our Competitor Watch List.  We feel strongly that it is important to get a second opinion when it comes to receiving "advice" from "trusted" "honest" "precision" and other types of automotive repair shops.




Educated at WyoTech and a former Crew Chief on a U-2 Spy plane for the US Air Force.  Dewey started Car Doctors in 2011 after 21 years in the auto service industry.  When asked about his inspiration to start his own auto service center; Car Doctors, he said "I wanted to have greater control over the customer experience and give customers what they are looking for and what they deserve.  A quality job at a fair price. Besides, I really enjoy what I do."  Dewey uses the best automotive diagnostic equipment available and performs all the tests himself to ensure the quality work he's known for and that his customers expect.


You can take Dewey's word for it; but, why not check out the testimonials page by clicking on the link  http://cardoctorsmn.com/testimonials for yourself and see what his customers' have to say. 



posted by Paula Shaw, St. Paul

If you are looking for an honest mechanic Dewey's your man! I had an electrical problem in my VW Passat and he found it when others could not ... ...
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posted by Patti Connell, Savage

WOW!!! What a find...an honest, competent, fair auto mechanic!!! I am off to buy a lottery ticket!!! Before Dewey, I was always frustrated and let ...
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posted by Terry Jacobs

Dear Dewey,      With a small fleet of 6 cars, we have always looked for an honest service relationship and have not always ...
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posted by Beth Westie, Eagan

Dewey gives phenomenal service with an unbeatable price! I've never had my car fixed so quickly! I would recommend Dewey to anyone! Thanks!
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posted by Michael Burnsville

The most honest mechanic I ever met = Dewey @ Car Doctors in Savage, MN I wanted to write this review because there are so many dishonest auto ...
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5450 W 126th St. Savage, MN 55378 Phone: 952-688-1419 Hours: 8-5 Mon-Sat GET DIRECTIONS