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Michael Burnsville

Oct 27, 2011

The most honest mechanic I ever met = Dewey @ Car Doctors in Savage, MN

I wanted to write this review because there are so many dishonest auto mechanics out there. I found Dewey on a Craigslist ad and I can't tell you how happy myself and my father have been with his work. He has a great shop with the hoist and all the tools needed to do the job. 

He has done work on my Mercedes and on both of my fathers' vehicles. I'm writing this review today because Dewey was very honest with my father. My father suspected that there was a problem with his transmission and was willing to pay big bucks, Dewey knew it. After keeping the car for a bit he called my father and told him that the only thing wrong was that my father overfilled the  transmission fluid by 2-3 quarts.

Any other mechanic would have taken the opportunity without a way to disprove his/her claim and add something on for repair. *People this guy is honest and I can't tell you how glad I am to find him. I will be using him forever.

Any question you can contact me: Mike / burnsvillemichael@yahoo.com

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The mission of Dewey's Car Doctors is to strive for continued growth in the Savage and Burnsville community by providing quality automotive repair services. Our team of auto care specialists are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every customer that brings their auto to our shop for repair service. Car Doctors will achieve this by adhering to the following principles:

Hiring a team of automotive care specialists that maintain high ethical standards, are well trained and dedicated to a continued ... Read More


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